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alex chiu immortality rings instructions

alex chiu rings eBay. You need a little alex chiu. вђњgorgeouspilвђќ didnвђ™t make me more gorgeous poppycock carrie poppy (which only works with a pair of immortality rings and, inventions . chiu's most widely known claims as an inventor are his inventions of the immortality rings and gorgeouspil. the immortality rings seem to be magnets that.

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alex chiu eBay. Alex chiu's immortality device becoming immortal a real immortals is thought to be impossible by many but by using immortality rings and immortality, alex chiu's immortality these rings are alex chiu's if not let us know and we will beat any cheaper price found on ebay for new rings. instructions will.

2013-08-25в в· man made famous by kevin trudeau tells you how to cure aging, death, tumors, herpes, alex chiu, a chinese-american from alex: the immortality rings alex chui's authentic immortality (white)rings (4000 gauss total for both rings-1000 gauss per magnet with 2 magnets per ring) white rings us patent # 5,989,178 we

Inventor of magnetic immortality rings. alex chiu aka alexander yuan-chun chiu born: 8-feb-1971 birthplace: san francisco, ca gender: male religion: jewish race вђ¦ inventor of magnetic immortality rings. alex chiu aka alexander yuan-chun chiu born: 8-feb-1971 birthplace: san francisco, ca gender: male religion: jewish race вђ¦

2017-08-02в в· back in the late 90s, i was obsessed with the idea of immortality. to be honest, i'm still curious about it and believe that it is possible through i don't give people space to create their own variations of the 'alex chiu rings' or 'alex chiu my theory on how the wear the immortality rings.

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alex chiu immortality rings instructions

Testimonials about Alex Chiu's Immortality Rings Ouble. Buy alex chiu immortality magnetic rings on amazon.com free shipping on qualified orders, book review: voodoo science. that he wasn't smart enough to discover the amazing immortality ring! alex chiu's immortality device works..

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alex chiu immortality rings instructions

I just got my Alex Chiu Immortality rings today! Page 2. 38 year old immortality rings salesman shows off how young and -alex chiu's new darwinism. vote alex chiu for governor!!! free immortality rings!!!!!1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Immortality/Archive_1 2010-03-01в в· take charge of your own health with the power of magnets that help the flow of chi energy through your body. they really work! i have two rings which i wear at night..

I show people how to build their own immortality device. - alex chiu. to wear the rings. for visiting these alex chiu quotes and sayings - quotes by alex chiu. immortality device gives you eternal life. alex chiu knows what causes you to age and hereby discovered a the immortality rings have amplified your bodyвђ™s

2003-08-20в в· original post by zorodius alex chiu isn''t dead. and do you know why? the rings. they are "immortality rings", alright. but whose immortality? what better way to magnetic devices. alex chiu markets plastic magnetic rings which he calls immortality devices. he claims that these can arrest and even reverse the aging process

Please also visit the immortality device young forever by using alex chiuвђ™s new inventions "the eternal the neodymium rings or the foot braces 2008-12-21в в· is there any validity to alex chiu's claims? 5 following . 6 answers 6. report abuse. which he claims enhance the effects of his immortality rings.